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Use pendrive as RAM on Windows 10

Last Updated on October 11, 2022 by Author

In this post we will learn how to use pendrive as RAM and increase the RAM in Windows! For that you need to follow simple steps given below:

Step 1: Plug in the pen drive which you want to use as RAM. I am using a 32GB pendrive. Make sure pen drive doesn’t contain any data. If it has some data, you have to format the pendrive.

To format a pendrive, right click and click on format.

Then click start.

A popup will appear. Now, click on OK . The screen would be extremely bright here at this point, if you want to enable dark mode click here

Step 2: Click OK once format completed. Now, right click your pen-drive and click properties

Then, click on ready boost

Step3: Click on dedicate this device to readyboost.

Step 4: Now, double click on your pen-drive and you will see a file called ready boost.

pendrive as RAM

If you see the ready-boost file, this means the pen-drive will be used as RAM

pendrive as RAM

Note: This will not change RAM from settings, your computer will use this RAM only when it needs. If you run a heavy game or app, then this pen-drive will be used as RAM . In order to clear site data and boost the speed, find the details here.

If you have any queries, then please write in the comment section.

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