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How to enable dark mode on websites

In this post, you will learn how to enable dark mode on different websites using any browser.

The dark mode is a display setting for user interfaces.

It means that, instead of the default dark text showing up against a light screen (known as ‘light mode’), a light color text (white or grey) is presented against a dark or black screen.

Light mode is usually the default mode.

The idea behind dark mode is that it reduces the light emitted by device screens while maintaining the minimum colour contrast ratios required for readability.

Enable Dark Mode

Step 1: You first need to download an extension called Dark Reader and add it to chrome

enable dark mode

Step 2: Click on ‘add extension’

enable dark mode

Boom! All your websites will be in dark mode.

To toggle the extension, press ctrl+alt+d.

enable dark mode

This is the simplest way to add Dark mode to any website! To know how to boost windows 10 or11, click here.

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